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“This place is awesome!!  They have everything you can think of and a very knowledgeable and courteous staff that will put together the pieces you need to complete your project successfully. I don’t go to Home Depot or Lowes anymore for plumbing and I live across from one.”Mark X., Mipitas, CA

“This is a great place to go when you cant find the home project parts that are needed for those tough jobs.  I was there yesterday, and was promptly helped, received all the parts I needed for a pool motor repair. I aslo was reminded of two other items that I would have forgot.  service is great employees are great and have been there for years.  Its the place where professionals go…or do it yourselfers..They REALLY help you. Great place I have and will continue to use for years to come.” — James W., Los Altos, CA

“I needed a water line installed for a new refrigerator and had received a $350 quote from a nearby plumber.  Instead I went to Barron Park, explained the situation to the gentleman working there and left with under $15 in parts. After spending about half an hour on the project, I had the line installed and working without any problems.  The guys at Barron Park were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I’ll definitely be visiting in the future.”Logan R., San Francisco, CA

Glad they are around. I needed a 6″ T and some more 6″ PVC piping on a Saturday afternoon. My yard worker called panicked that he could not find it anywhere. I started calling; every other place did not carry 6″ piping or was closed on a Saturday. Barron Park did!!!”P.K., Cupertino, CA

“This is the place if you want some really knowledgeable advice on anything plumbing, or for hard to find items that Orchard might not carry.  I know a lot of contractors come here because you can pretty much find everything in one stop. I’ve landscaped my backyard, my front yard, another house, my mom’s house…and always have come here. Better yet, if you bring in plans of your landscaping…they’ll design the sprinkler layout for you!…for free!  Can’t beat that!”Michele W., San Jose, CA

“For the DIY plumber, this place is great. I stopped in there a number of times during a particularly complicated hot tub project and got the help I needed every time. I especially recomend picking up supplies there if you are adding to existing plumbing. In addition to plumbing knowledge, they also know building codes, and how to stay within them.”Dan L., Berkeley, CA

“This place is awesome. These guys are super knowledgeable and helpful . I needed to find a new stopper for a sink. It was an older style. They didn’t have the item in stock but was able to provide me with an alternative that worked perfectly.  I went to both Home Depot and Lowes and they couldn’t help me. I am so glad I found Barron!!” — E.C., Sunnyvale, CA

If you want to make a plumbing repair that uses cheap materials and will have to be redone in a year, the big boxes are fine. If you want to actually fix the problem, come here.” — Ashton T., Mountain View, CA

I have used Barron Park Plumbing Supply in the last 15-20 years for hard to find parts. This business takes care of their client real good. On the most recent visit I asked the clerk about a hand threading tool for the pipes, the clerk told me that I can either buy it which is expensive, or I can get it as a loaner. When I asked about the loan fee, the clerk told me it’s free and I just need to put down a deposit for the tool. I, of course, chose to loan although I ended up applying another alternative method to solve the problem without using the tool. Barron Park Plumbing Supply wins repeated customers for sure.” — J. W., Sunnyvale, CA

This place is a great resource for hard to find items. I needed vintage shower hardware for a very old shower and they had all the parts. Great customer service too. The staff knows their stuff and can help you find what you need.” —Suzette S., Mountain View, CA

Thanks so much for being such a great local resource. When the big box stores don’t have it or their staff doesn’t have a clue, You guys always save the day.
Thanks also for the knowledgeable advice. My Hansgrohe Shower thermostatic mixer was leaking and I came to get some parts. The staff notified me that Hansgrohe would probably send me the replacement parts at no cost since it has a lifetime warranty. This saved me several hundreds of dollars. Thanks so much. I also like your new location. It’s much more convenient for me and now there is also more parking.” — Joey F., Los Altos, CA


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